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Self-sealing shut-off valve

Self-sealing shut-off valve

Globe Valve
Pressure self-sealing shut-off valve principle:
J61Y-900LB American standard pressure self-sealing stop valve is designed according to API600, which can meet the harsh working environment of high temperature and high pressure. This product is widely used in nuclear power plants and petrochemical power plants. Compared with the valve with the bolted bonnet, the Shanghai Taichen pressure self-sealing valve has a simpler structure, better rigidity and less maintenance, and can provide an absolutely reliable body cover seal. Therefore, the pressure seal shut-off valve can provide closer service in valve maintenance in high temperature and high pressure environments. The pressure chamber self-tightening sealing structure of the self-sealing stop valve of Taichen Company adopts the pressure self-tightening sealing structure. The higher the internal cavity pressure, the better the sealing performance. The sealing surface of the valve disc and the valve seat is made of Stellite cobalt-based hard alloy. The sealing surface and the bonnet stuffing box are reasonable in depth, the filler is added with corrosion inhibitor, the sealing is reliable, the switch is stable, and the upper sealing structure is provided to ensure that the valve does not leak outside the valve stem when the valve is opened. The American standard self-sealing shut-off valve refers to the valve that the closing member (valve) moves along the center line of the seat. Depending on the form of movement of the flap, the change in the seat opening is proportional to the flap travel. The forged steel self-sealing shut-off valve has a relatively short opening or closing stroke and a very reliable shut-off function. Shanghai Taichen American Standard Self-sealing shut-off valve seat and valve plate sealing surface should be cast with cast iron alloy, cobalt alloy or carbide alloy. The large-diameter self-sealing stop valve will be designed to be composed of two parts: the main valve plate and the auxiliary valve plate. The medium flows from the upper valve plate to the lower valve plate, and the operating torque is greatly reduced, and the sealing performance of the valve seat is more prominent.
Pressure self-sealing shut-off valve technical parameters:
Model: J61H, J61Y, J61W Pressure range: 900LB-2500LB
Material: A105, WC6, F304, F316
Applicable medium: water, oil, steam, etc.
Design and manufacture according to [BS5351, MSS SP-118]
Flange end size according to [ANSI B16.5; JB79]
Socket size according to [ANSI B16.11; JB/T1751]
Butt weld end size according to [ANSI B16.25; JB/T12224]
Thread end size according to [ANSI B1.20.1; JB/T7306]
Valve inspection and test [API 598; GB/T13927; JB/T9092]
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