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KWT-90 degree rubber elbow

KWT-90 degree rubber elbow

KWT 90 degree rubber elbow
The KWT 90 degree rubber elbow is composed of an inner rubber layer, a reinforcing layer, an outer rubber layer, a molded vulcanized rubber ball tip and a loose metal flange. The flexible rubber elbow has high pressure resistance, good elasticity, superior performance, long service life, large displacement compensation, obvious effect of vibration absorption and noise reduction, convenient installation and maintenance, and convenient steering construction of metal pipelines. It has become a new type of application. Pipe flexible connection fittings.
[product alias]: 90 degree rubber elbow, 90 degree rubber soft joint, 90 degree rubber flexible joint, 90 degree rubber pipe joint, etc.
[product pressure]: 0.6MPa-2.5MPa
[product specifications]: [DN32mm-DN4000mm]
[Product Certification]: ISO9001-2008
[Scope of application]: [acid, alkali, corrosion, oil, hot water, cold water, compressed air, compressed natural gas, etc.]
[product material]: the sphere is natural rubber, the flange is carbon steel, stainless steel
1. This product can greatly reduce the vibration and noise of the pipeline system, and can fundamentally solve the problems of interface displacement, axial expansion and dissimilarity of various pipelines.
2. According to different materials, it can be made into various varieties such as acid, alkali, corrosion, oil and heat, and it can adapt to various media and environment.
3. The material is polar rubber, good in sealing, light in weight, convenient in installation and maintenance, and long in service life, but avoid contact with sharp metal instruments to avoid puncturing the sphere.
4. If the overhead is used, it can be equipped with elastic brackets. When installing, the bolts should be tightened diagonally.
5. If the line pressure is too high, apply the limit bolts to connect the flanges at both ends.
6. The flange connection standard adopts GB/T9115.1-2000 standard. If other standards are used, it can be separately stated. The working pressure rating of this product is 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa.
7. The normal application medium of the flexible rubber joint is a common water with a temperature of 0-60 ° C. For special media such as oil, acid and alkali, high temperature and other corrosive and hard texture, the corresponding special materials should be selected. Rubber joints, not blindly used or universal.
The KWT 90 degree rubber elbow should be installed with the joint flange and the corresponding flange hole position. Then, fix the fixing screw through the flange hole and lock the nut with the wrench. It can be widely used in the flexible connection of various pipeline systems in the construction water supply and drainage, HVAC, metallurgy, chemical, paper, sanitary, marine, fire, pharmaceutical and other industries. Gongyi Xinli specializes in production: 90 degree rubber elbow, providing you with free 90 degree rubber elbow application solution, 90 degree rubber elbow price, detailed 90 degree rubber elbow various working conditions, providing 90 degree rubber bend Head quotes and other information. Products in strict accordance with international standards and raw material quality requirements, to prevent the phenomenon of cutting corners, environmental standards, that is, raw materials not only need new materials, but also need environmentally friendly new materials.
Technical Parameters
序号 No. 部位 Part 材料 Material
1 主体 Body 天然橡胶(NR)、氯丁橡胶(CR)、丁基橡胶(IIR)、丁腈橡胶(NBR)、氟橡胶(FKM)、三元乙丙橡胶(EPDM)
2 内、外衬 Inner & Outer Rubber 天然橡胶(NR) 氯丁橡胶(CR)丁基橡胶(IIR) 丁腈橡胶(NBR)氟橡胶(FKM)三元乙丙橡胶(EPDM)聚四氟乙烯(PTFE)
3 主体骨架 Body Carcass 尼龙帘布 Nylon cord fabric
4 增压环 Reinforcing Ring 多股镀铜钢丝 Multi-strand coppering steel wire
5 法兰 Flange 铸造、锻造碳钢 Cast and forged carbon steel(Q235)、不锈钢 Stainless steel(201、304、316、321)、塑料 Plastic(CPVC、PVDF、PPH、UPVC、RPP)


项目Item |型号Medol KWT-1 KWT-2 KWT-3
工作压力MpaWoring pressure 1.0(10) 1.6(16) 2.5(25)
爆破压力Mpa Burst Pressure 2.0(20) 3.0(30) 4.0(45)
真空度Kpa(mm/HG)Vacuum 53.3(400) 86.7(650) 100(750)
适用温度℃Applicable Temperature -15℃~+115℃(特殊可达-30℃~+250℃)-15℃~+115℃(-30℃~+250℃ under special conditions)
适用介质Applicable Medium 空气、压缩空气、水、海水、热水、油、酸、碱等Air, compressed air, water, sea water, oil, acid, alkali, etc.


公称通径Nominal Diameter DN

长度Length(mm) 各向允许移位Allowable displacement in all directions
mm inch X X' Y Y' Z Z'
50 2 140 20 16 20 16 16 16
65 2.5 140 20 16 20 16 16 16
80 3 150 20 16 20 16 16 16
100 4 160 20 16 20 16 16 16
125 5 180 20 16 20 16 16 16
150 6 200 20 16 20 16 16 16
200 8 230 20 16 20 16 16 16
250 10 280 20 16 20 16 16 16
300 21 330 20 16 20 16 16 16