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KST-double sphere rubber joint

KST-double sphere rubber joint

KST double sphere rubber joint
The multi-wave design of the KST double-ball joint increases the length of the rubber joint and increases the amount of compensation. Special cold water, hot water, compressed air, natural gas, etc. It solves the pipe bursting and damage pipeline connection equipment caused by thermal expansion and contraction with unique design, novel structure and good sealing performance, effectively improving the pipeline life cycle. And protection of the device. The double sphere has a greater amount of compensation than a single sphere.
[product alias]: flexible double ball rubber joint, double sphere rubber soft connection
[product pressure]: 1.0MPa-2.5MPa
[product specifications]: [DN40mm-DN600mm]
[Product Certification]: ISO9001-2008
[Scope of application]: [acid, alkali, corrosion, oil, hot water, cold water, compressed air, compressed natural gas, etc.]
[Working temperature]: -40 degrees to 80 degrees (can also process high temperature rubber joints)
The double-ball rubber joint is a pipe joint with high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and weather resistance. The internal density is high, it can withstand high pressure, and the elastic deformation effect is good. The double sphere has a greater amount of compensation than a single sphere. This product is manufactured by Xinli Company using air blow mold new technology, which is composed of inner rubber layer, reinforcing layer, medium rubber layer and outer rubber layer composite ball and loose-wrapped low carbon steel flange. It has high pressure resistance. The utility model has the advantages of good elasticity, large displacement, good effect of vibration absorption and noise reduction, and convenient installation. It can be widely used in water supply and drainage, HVAC, fire protection, compressors, paper, pharmaceutical, ship, water pump, fan and other pipeline systems.
The double-ball rubber joint is composed of a fabric-reinforced rubber part and a loose-fitting metal flange, and is used for joints for damping, noise reduction and displacement compensation of the pipeline. It is a pipe joint with high elasticity, high air tightness, medium resistance and weather resistance. Xinli strictly follows the international standards and raw material quality requirements, and eliminates the phenomenon of cutting corners. The environmental protection standard means that the raw materials of the products not only need new materials, but also need environmentally-friendly new materials.
KST double sphere rubber joint product installation instructions:
1. Double-ball rubber joints must be placed in a natural state during pipeline construction, and super-displacement limit installation is strictly prohibited.
2. When the pipeline medium is resistant to acid and alkali, oil, high temperature and other special materials, the joint should be selected above the working pressure of the pipeline.
3. When the rubber joint is installed on the ground, suspended or vertically, the actual working axial displacement pressure of the rubber joint is less than the support force of the pipeline. Otherwise, the anti-pulling device should be installed to prevent the product from losing stability during operation.
4. The flange connecting the rubber joint should be a valve flange or a flange conforming to GB/T9115.1-2000.
5. The pipe must have a fixed support or a fixed bracket. The force of the fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force. For vertical installation and overhead installation, the corresponding fixed bracket and force bracket should be installed at both ends of the product to prevent the work from being pulled off after being pressed.
6. Keep away from heat sources during installation. It is forbidden to use media that does not meet the requirements of this product.
7. The rubber soft joint should be re-pressurized and put into operation after the initial pressure (such as installation pressure test) or long-term deactivation.
8. When the displacement of the pipeline is greater than or equal to the maximum compensation amount of the joint, the number of joints should be increased to parallel displacement. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the deviation of the pipeline so that the joint is in the limit of deflection displacement and deviation state, and can not exceed the limit ( Telescopic, displacement, deflection, etc., use the specific installation data as shown in the table below.
9. High-level water supply or suspended water supply, the pipeline should be fixed on the hanger and bracket, and the joint should not be subjected to the weight and axial force of the pipeline. Otherwise, the joint should be equipped with anti-pull device (the bearing force must be greater than the axial force of the pipeline) ).
10. When installing the rubber joint, the screw of the bolt should extend to the outside of the joint, and the bolts on the end faces of each flange should be repeatedly tightened evenly by the method of diagonal pressure to prevent the pressure deviation.
Technical Parameters
序号 No. 部位 Part 材料 Material
1 主体 Body 天然橡胶(NR)、氯丁橡胶(CR)、丁基橡胶(IIR)、丁腈橡胶(NBR)、氟橡胶(FKM)、三元乙丙橡胶(EPDM)
2 内、外衬 Inner & Outer Rubber 天然橡胶(NR) 氯丁橡胶(CR)丁基橡胶(IIR) 丁腈橡胶(NBR)氟橡胶(FKM)三元乙丙橡胶(EPDM)聚四氟乙烯(PTFE)
3 主体骨架 Body Carcass 尼龙帘布 Nylon cord fabric
4 增压环 Reinforcing Ring 多股镀铜钢丝 Multi-strand coppering steel wire
5 法兰 Flange 铸造、锻造碳钢 Cast and forged carbon steel(Q235)、不锈钢 Stainless steel(201、304、316、321)、塑料 Plastic(CPVC、PVDF、PPH、UPVC、RPP)
项目Item |型号Medol KST-F-1 KST-F-2 KST-F-3 A、如介质油,酸碱物质 
A. If media is oil, acid or alkali. 
B. If special requirements for working temperature 
C. If OEM orders with drawings or samples 
D. Please Inform us about above when ordering
工作压力MpaWoring pressure 1.0(10) 1.6(16) 2.5(25)
爆破压力Mpa Burst Pressure 2.0(20) 3.0(30) 4.5(45)
真空度 Kpa Vacuum 53.3(400) 86.7(650) 100(750)
适用温度℃Applicable Temperature -20℃~+115℃(特殊可达-30℃~+250℃)-20℃~+115℃(-30℃~+250℃ under special conditions)
适用介质Applicable Medium 空气、压缩空气、水、海水、热水、油、酸、碱等Air, compressed air, water, sea water, oil, acid, alkali, etc.
注:主要零件材料同KXT型 Note: the materials of main parts are the same with those of KXT type
Nominal Diameter
Axial displacement mm
Haorizontal isplacement mm
Angular deflection(a1+a2)°


伸长Extension 压缩Compression
40 1.5 165 10 20 20 30
50 2 165 10 20 20 30
65 2.5 175 10 20 20 30
80 3 175 10 20 20 30
100 4 225 15 30 25 30
125 5 225 15 30 25 30
150 6 225 15 30 25 30
200 8 325 20 40 30 30
250 10 325 20 40 30 30
300 12 325 20 40 30 30
350 14 325 20 40 30 30
400 16 340-400 20 40 30 30
450 18 340-400 25 45 30 30
500 20 340-400 25 45 30 30
600 24 340-400 25 45 30 30
注:1、特殊要求可按用户图纸制作,法兰标准采用GB/T9115.1-2000,可选配(GB、JB、HG、CB、ANSI、DIN、BSEN、NF、EN、JIS、 ISO等)法兰标准生产。橡胶球体可做天然橡胶、三元乙丙橡胶、氯丁橡胶、丁基橡胶、丁腈橡胶、氟橡胶等。 
Notes: 1. For OEM orders with special requirement, rubber joints can be made according to customers' drawings. Generally, flange standard is GB/T9115.1-2000, other GB, JB, HG, CB, ANSI, DIN, BSEN, NF, EN, JIS, ISO flanges are also available upon request. Material of rubber body can be NR natural rubber, EPDM, Neoprene, IIR butyl rubber, NBR Buna-N, FKM, etc. 
2.When rubber joints size above DN200 are used for overhead water supply system, the pipes must be equipped with fixed supports or fixed brackets, otherwise control units shall be installed on rubber joints.