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Double insurance maintenance-free ball type compensator

Double insurance maintenance-free ball type compensator

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Double insurance maintenance-free ball type compensator
The dual insurance maintenance-free rotary compensator is used to absorb the thermal displacement of the thermal pipe by its rotation to play the role of thermal compensation. Therefore, it is crucial that the structure of the rotating cylinder is reasonable. High safety performance of the product: The maintenance-free rotary compensator has a reasonable structure, the thickness of the material used is ≥ the thickness of the base material of the hot mesh pipe, and it can withstand the destructive force of water hammer during operation; the product is resistant to temperature and pressure, can meet the engineering requirements, and can withstand the temperature of the pipeline. The destructive stress caused by sudden changes in pressure has high safety performance. Long product life: maintenance-free rotary compensator has a service life of more than 20 years. It exceeds the service life of heat network pipelines and has been confirmed by relevant national departments (15 years of national standard for heat network pipelines), which is more than double the life of corrugated compensators. . Reasonable structure: Since the maintenance-free rotary compensator adopts a special structure, its internal pressure thrust has been eliminated in the product structure, and the original material stress theory has evolved into mechanical dynamics. N sets of springs are installed above the packing compression flange (n is a constant, the number of which is determined according to the size of the diameter), so that the sealing packing can be automatically pressed in the presence of wear loss; the inner and outer sleeves are precisely machined and equipped Roller makes the product work freely, ensuring product concentricity and stability. Large compensation amount: The maintenance-free rotary compensator can compensate up to 1800mm (other types of compensators ≤300mm), and no one product can match it.
[product alias]: double insurance spherical compensator maintenance-free spherical compensator
[Product Specifications]: [DN50mm-DN1400mm]
[product color]: blue, can be color according to customer requirements.
The double insurance maintenance-free ball type compensator is composed of a rotating cylinder, a gland flange, a spring, a fastening flange, a guide sliding ring, a packing, a retaining ring, a limiting ring, an outer sleeve, a reducing pipe, a screw and a nut. The fastening flange, the spring, the gland flange and the outer casing flange are tightened by bolts, and the rotating cylinders are respectively rotated by the guide sliding ring to facilitate the rotation of the rotating cylinder. The double-insurance maintenance-free ball type compensator has the advantages of large compensation capacity, small fluid resistance and deformation stress, no blind plate force and small force on the fixed support. At the same time, an advanced technology capable of filling the device is added to the device, which makes the sealing performance of the device more stable and reliable. Even if there is leakage during long-term operation, it can be maintained without stopping the gas and decompression, and it is very convenient and quick. Especially for the transmission of long-distance thermal energy, there are obvious economic and social benefits.
After the user unit proves that it has been successfully installed in the Φ480 heat network pipeline, the compensation distance exceeds 500m, generally it is suitable to use one group according to 200-500m, and it can also be used for the transportation of low temperature, hot water pipe and other media according to the site topography. Pipes can be used over long distances. Maintenance-free and superior sealing performance: The maintenance-free rotary compensator, rotary compensator and sleeve compensator all use mechanical seals, and the effects are different due to their different operating modes. The sleeve compensator wears out due to the axial movement of the sealing surface, and the rotary compensator is prone to leakage due to the inability to compensate for the wear gap. The maintenance-free rotary compensator works on the inner and outer sleeves with relative rotation and a small angle of rotation, resulting in less wear on the sealing material. When the filler is slightly worn, it is compensated by the tension of the compression spring; when the wear amount exceeds the spring tension compensation amount, it is only necessary to tighten the nut of the spring to press the flange. There is no limit on the number of runs, no leakage, which greatly increases the economic benefits of gas supply units and gas units. The product is compensated 5000 times under the pressure of 7.5MPa without leakage, and the sealing effect is superior.