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Human defense wall sealing rib

Human defense wall sealing rib

Waterproof Bushing
Human defense wall sealing rib
The wall-sealing sealing rib is also called a wall bushing, a waterproof casing, a wall pre-embedded pipe, and the waterproof casing is divided into a rigid waterproof casing and a flexible waterproof casing. The two are mainly used in different places. The flexible waterproof casing is mainly used in places where the human defense wall and the pool are in high demand. The rigid waterproof casing is generally used in the basement and other pipelines where the pipeline is required to be piped.
[product alias]: through the wall tube sealing rib
[Temperature]: ambient temperature +40 ° C ~ 5 ° C
[Relative Humidity]: When the air temperature is +20 °C, the relative humidity cloth exceeds 85%.
[Applicable Environment]: Locations that do not seriously affect the gas, steam, dust and other explosive and corrosive media of the contact box insulation.
[rated voltage]: 0-35KV
[Lightning impulse withstand voltage]: 75KV-185KV
The closed ribs of civil air defense are as follows:
One is fixed anti-loose, which is better combined with cockroaches; the second is wartime anti-virus gas penetrating into the protection zone along the pipe wall or casing wall, so the material, thickness and height of the sealing ribs have specifications. Installation problem: mainly when the electrical pipeline in the basement passes or enters the civil air defense room, the civil air defense construction requires the electrical pipeline to weld the sealing rib at the boundary to prevent explosion. Then enter and exit the underground outdoor wall electrical pipe, either install a waterproof casing, the electrical pipe through the casing into the basement, or the waterproof wing ring welded to the shear wall of the electrical pipe entering the basement to protect the water. However, the premise of the above two cases is that the electrical pipe must be a steel pipe. It is true that there is no sub-heading in the quota to see if it is applied by flange welding and quota material conversion.