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Extended flexible waterproof casing

Extended flexible waterproof casing

Waterproof Bushing
Extended flexible waterproof casing
The long-winged ring waterproof casing produced by Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. is a successful experience of similar products at home and abroad. It is a pipeline equipment with advanced technology and convenient installation. Among them, the large and medium-diameter lengthened wing ring waterproof casing is one of our company's fist products, especially in the design and production of long waterproof casings, which is at an absolute leading level at home and abroad. Xin Li plus long wing ring waterproof casing free consultation phone: 400-616-7767, we do our best to serve you!
[product alias]: lengthened waterproof casing
[product specifications]: DN50-DN1400
[Product Certification]: ISO 9001-2008
[Scope of application]: chemical industry, water supply and drainage, steel, etc.
[product material]: carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron
The extended flexible waterproof casing is generally suitable for structures with vibration or tight waterproofing requirements when the pipeline passes through the wall; the rigid waterproof casing is generally suitable for structures that require general waterproofing when the pipeline passes through the wall; flexible and rigid waterproof sleeve The wall of the pipe through the wall shall be replaced with a concrete wall if it is not concrete, and the casing shall be solidified once in the wall; the waterproof casing shall be applied to the building, chemical, steel, tap water, sewage treatment and other units.
Waterproof casing technical parameters:
Our waterproof casing is mainly designed and manufactured according to the S312 waterproof casing atlas and the 02S404 waterproof casing atlas. The installation length is 200mm for the wall and the main material is carbon steel.
Waterproof casing main products:
S312 rigid waterproof casing, S312 flexible waterproof casing, waterproof wing ring, 02S404 rigid waterproof casing, 02S404 flexible waterproof casing, extended waterproof casing, stainless steel waterproof casing. Waterproof casing application note:
The waterproof casing is divided into a rigid waterproof casing and a flexible waterproof casing. Rigid waterproof casings are mainly used in general construction projects, mainly those that are not required for waterproofing, such as septic tanks, pools, basements, etc., waterproof casings are pre-buried into the wall in advance, installed in plumbing The pipe is passed through and the casing is filled between the pipes with a flexible watertight sealing material. The filling materials mainly include bitumen, hemp, vinyl foam board and the like. Generally, the length of the waterproof casing is 200mm. For special requirements, the wall can be lengthened. The specific length of the extended waterproof casing can be processed.
The above is a detailed introduction to the extension of the flexible waterproof casing. The extended flexible waterproof casing produced by Shanghai Luoying is generally suitable for structures where the pipeline passes through the wall and is subject to vibration or tight waterproofing requirements; the rigid waterproof casing is generally suitable for Pipes that pass through the wall require a generally waterproof structure; flexible and rigid waterproof casings penetrate the walls of the wall, in the case of non-concrete, the concrete wall should be replaced, and the casing must be solidified once in the wall; waterproof casing application In the construction, chemical, steel, water, sewage treatment and other units.
Technical Parameters
Name Flexible waterproof casing Rigid waterproof casing
Model  full length S312 02S404 S312
Nominal diameter   Wing ring diameter Wing ring diameter Wing ring diameter Length (=wall thickness)
50 380 177 200 225 200
65 380 190 220 230 200
80 384 217 235 251 200
100 384 236 255 280 200
125 386 257 290 301 200
150 386 280 315 324 200
200 386 350 375 394 200
250 388 402 435 446 200
300 388 462 495 498 200
350 392 511 545 567 200
400 392 565 600 621 200
450 394 615 650 671 200
500 394 673 705 720 200
600 407 787 820 822 200
700 409 877 910 911 200
800 411 987 1020 1011 200
900 413 1087 1120 1113 200
1000 415 1187 1220 1213 200
1200 416 1390 1423 1413 200
1400 417 1590 1623 1613 200