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JS type combined spring shock absorber

JS type combined spring shock absorber

Shock Absorber
JS type combined spring shock absorber
JS type combined spring damper is composed of multiple combined springs. It is composed of upper and lower steel plates and non-slip rubber mats. This product makes full use of the low frequency of the integrated steel spring and the damping characteristics of rubber damping, which can eliminate the high frequency vibration transmission. Good shock absorption and noise reduction effect, but also can solve the difficulty of damping the uneven center of gravity of mechanical equipment.
[Product Certification]: ISO 9001-2008
[Scope of application]: construction, water supply and drainage, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, electricity
[Vibration level]: Class A
JS type combined spring shock absorber is made of the most advanced ED baking technology, with good anti-corrosion performance and beautiful appearance. The JS type combined spring damper base is made of rubber strip with inner stripe, which increases the friction of the product and improves the horizontal stability of the product. The JS spring shock absorber has a reasonable structural design, and the operation of the equipment is more stable through the mutual cooperation of the large and small diameter springs. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and convenient installation, and is a spring shock absorber without a casing. In order to ensure the lateral stability of the JS spring damper spring, the optimal load is 40% above and below the preload bearing. The JS type spring damper uses a rubber base with built-in steel plate, which not only increases the shock absorption effect of the product, but also serves as a main material to provide another layer of protection for the pressure of the product.
Because JS spring shock absorber has good pressure and voltage regulation performance, JS spring shock absorber is widely used in chemical industry, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire protection, electric power and other industries.
Technical Parameters
specification Size (mm)
JS-2-S 200 172 80 110 12 13
JS-4-S 160 130 160 110 12 13
JS-2-M 200 172 80 140 12 13
JS-4-M 280 248 170 150 16 15
JS-6-M 360 320 170 150 20 17
model Load range Kgs Elastic coefficient Kg Applicable deflection mm
JS-2-200-S 180~220 7.2 25
JS-2-250-S 220~240 8.8 25
JS-2-300-S 260~280 10.4 25
JS-2-350-S 300~320 12 25
JS-2-400-S 320~340 12.8 25
JS-4-200-S 180~220 7.2 25
JS-4-300-S 280~320 11.2 25
JS-4-400-S 380~420 15.2 25
JS-4-600-S 580~620 23.2 25
JS-4-800-S 780~820 31.2 25
JS-4-1000-S 980~1020 39.2 25
JS-2-400-M 360~430 14.4或9 25或40
JS-2-600-M 530~650 21.2或13.2 25或40
JS-2-800-M 700~850 28.2或17.5 25或40
JS-2-1000-M 850~1000 34或21.25 25或40
JS-2-1200-M 1050~1250 42或26.25 25或40
JS-4-600-M 530~650 21.2或13.25 25或40
JS-4-800-M 750~800 30或18.75 25或40
JS-4-1000-M 850~1000 34或21.25 25或40
JS-4-1200-M 1050~1250 42或26.25 25或40
JS-4-1400-M 1250~1400 50或31.25 25或40
JS-4-1600-M 1450~1700 58或36.25 25或40
JS-4-2000-M 1800~2000 72或45 25或40
JS-4-2400-M 2000~2400 80或50 25或40
JS-4-2800-M 2400~2800 96或60 25或40
JS-6-3200-M 2800~3600 112或70 25或40
JS-6-4000-M 3600~4400 144或90 25或40
JS-6-4800-M 4400~5200 176或110 25或40
JS-6-5600-M 5200~6000 208或130 25或40
JS-6-6400-M 6000~6800 240或150 25或40
JS-6-7200-M 6800~7600 270或170 25或40
JS-6-8000-M 7600~8400 304或190 25或40